Webinar JEO by Walt Bayliss is one of the most powerful webinar systems out there. Walt has actually designed a lot of other effective software tools like: Lead Geyser, Hydra Video Marketing, a content curation software application, a seo keyword plugin … And now he is releasing Webinar JEO. Here’s the link If you want to see my review There’s a lot of functions I truly like about this software application.
You can easily tape your webinars to use in the future or to offer your consumers a recording if they missed out on the occasion
You can setup evergreen webinars with any video you have. Simpy pick the times you want to provide your webby and let er rip and generate consumers on auto pilot
Develop custom-made registration pages so you can quickly get your visitors to register to see your training
There’s a whiteboard you can make use of, right in the software application
You can turn up quizzes throughout your webinar that aid drive interaction with the guests
You can even utilize those pop ups to pop a buy button so people can buy right from the webinar page.
You can reveal your screen or you can show your front facing cam to show your stunning face.
And there’s most likely a bunch of other things it can do that I have not figured out yet!
This might be an excellent http://www.gotomeeting.com/webinar replacement if you want to try another webinar system. A lot of the leading online marketers in the world would say webinars are a big part of their yearly income. In fact, Russel Brunson recently stated that if had to begin all over once again and construct a company as much as the million dollar a year level, he would do it by running webinars. There’s a few factors I think webinars work well. First, they are like a live event/seminar that people can go to from the convenience of their houses or see on their mobile phone. So they get that live occasion enjoyment without the expense of an airplane ticket, hotel room & expensive registration fee. 2, they’re interactive. People do not wish to simply sit in a classroom and be lectured at by a teacher. Webinars are a fantastic way to teach and train people without having them feel like they’re back in high school. 3, you can offer a big amount of value and training during your webinar and this makes the sale a lot easier. Nobody prefers to be offered to however everyone likes to buy. If you have a great script for your webinar, it’s a much easier sale than simply asking someone to buy your things. Four, you can and clone your finest sales discussion. We’ve all had those days where we wanted we might give that very same sales talk a thousand times because we stated everything completely. With this system, you can actually record your finest presentation and play it to people every hour of the day without you having to be there every hour of the day. This is leverage at it’s finest! You do the work one time and it remains to settle, day in and day out.

Here’s my Borrowed Authority Method Review & Bonus after implementing it for the last 4 months.

Whenever I want to rank multiple spots on the 1st page of Google I use the exact method Derek teaches in this product.

Sometimes I don’t even create my own website I just use the different BAM properties he recommends.

For example, I wanted to rank for a review term for a local massage therapist here in  my city but I didn’t want to create a website for it.  The cool thing was if I got 4 referrals to him he would give me a free massage.  So I launched one of the BAM sites he recommends and it shot up to page 1 for that search term.  Then I started the linking process he recommends in Module 4 and now it’s at the #1 spot.

In this course you’re going to get 4 modules and a bonus module.  Module 1 reveals the BAM sites.  Module 2 shows how to monetize your sites.  Module 3 shares a sneaky way to use email companies to build and rank sites.  Module 4 is all about promotion and the Bonus has graphic templates and a case study were Derek used these methods to rank for one of the top launches this last year.

Go grab through my link http://www.HermitMarketing.com/BAM and I will throw in my Local Lead Maximizer Sales System as a bonus!  In the LLM Sales System I will show you how you can get clients anytime you want without having to be a sleezy sales person.


Borrowed Authority Method Review

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