Why are astrologers waiting for “the end of the world” on July 4?

For the first time in history, the planets of the solar system will line up in almost one line, which means, according to the astrologers, that a new pandemic may spread to earth and causing natural disasters.

According to the News Territory website to what was reported by foreign media, a short time ago, astrologers published their expectations about the new planetary cycle, which will be on July 4, 2020, when all the planets of the solar system will line up in almost one line, and this did not happen previously in history.

The website indicates that such an event occurred in 1982, when the planets of the solar system gathered on one side of the sun within a 95-degree arc, and then astrologers predicted due of this strange behavior of the planets, the occurrence of many earthquakes, demonstrating this effect of the lithosphere by changes in the force of gravity, the electromagnetic field and magnetic storms. 

The website pointed to the record of a really large public volcanic activity 1982.

NASA Goddard Photo and Video – Image Source – Flickr

It should be noted that on July 4, the United States celebrates National Day – Independence Day. website indicates  until an American fortune-teller named Aristelius published his predictions on social networks about the end of the world, and this fortune-teller predicts, according to a dream he saw, that the catastrophe will occur on July 10 of 2037 , as the world will drown in total darkness at a high speed and kill people immediately, but he did not mention the cause of this disaster.

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