Very dangerous .. a new vulnerability in WhatsApp

A new vulnerability in WhatsApp revealed by global press reports, makes the user’s phone number available to everyone on the “Google” search engine.

The “Times News Now” website mentioned that some programmers have spotted that vulnerability in “Click to Chat” option in WhatsApp, which allows users to talk to others without calling or saving the number.

Very dangerous

Cyber ​​security experts have warned that this feature via “WhatsApp” can expose mobile phone numbers to great risk, as it becomes available through the “Google” search engine which makes all personal data threatening to disclose to any person.

On the other hand, “WhatsApp” said that this is not a big deal, because the results of the phone numbers appear only if the user chooses to make them public.

But experts found that this feature indexed more than 300 thousand personal phone numbers via the “WhatsApp” account, which enables anyone to see their personal files and all their data, even banking.

In addition, the experts advised all users, that they should enter the application settings and then the privacy settings of their accounts, and prevent allowing their phone numbers to be make available to everyone, and not to allow their circulation through any search engines.

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