The White House: Trump did not undergo a test to detect “Coronavirus”

The White House said that the US President Donald Trump had not been tested for the Coronavirus because he had not had long and close contact with any of the people infected with the virus, and had no symptoms.

White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grishman said in a statement on Monday that “the president did not undergo Covid-19 (Coronavirus) because he did not deal closely with any patient with confirmed Covid-19 disease, and ” No symptoms. ” appeared for the president.

“President Trump is in excellent health and his doctor will continue to follow him closely,” the spokeswoman added.

These statements come after the US President met with at least two members of Congress recently, and were subjected to quarantine at a later time because they attended a conference with a person who was later confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus.

In the same context, the office of the newly appointed White House Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, announced that Meadows had restricted self-quarantine at his home as a precaution, after contacting the Conservative Conference with someone who was confirmed to be infected with the Coronavirus.

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