The Photo speaks … the North Korean leader “challenging” the Coronavirus

The North Korean Central News Agency released a picture of Leader Kim Jong-un while attending military exercises with live ammunition, and the photo, taken at an undisclosed location, looked very strange as the North Korean leader appeared “uniquely” those around him who are commanders of the army.

And while everyone around him wore black masks, he was the only leader among them without a medical mask.

And the mouthpiece of the photo seems to be that the leader is the only person able to challenge the Coronavirus .

The Official North Korean Media reported last Tuesday that Kim Jong-un had personally supervised military exercises for the shooting, including launching what were believed to be Short range ballistic missiles , for the second time in a week.

North Korea launched Several projectiles at sea, Monday, as part of training exercises, the South Korean army said This sparked US and Chinese calls for Pyongyang to return to talks aimed at ending its nuclear and missile programs.

The North Korean Central News Agency said that the leaders of the Korean People’s Army accompanied Kim, who expressed “great satisfaction with the result of the exercises”.

The agency said: “The purpose of the shootings is to examine the sudden military offensive capability of long-range artillery units on the front”.

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