The good news is approaching … a scientist reveals when to introduce “Corona Vaccine.”

As the emerging coronavirus circulates the world, scientists are racing to find a vaccine that will defeat the pandemic and restore life to normal.

In this regard, a scientist at the University of Oxford said that the vaccine may be ready by next September.

“She is 80 percent confident,” said vaccination professor Sarah Gilbert the vaccine she is developing with her team will be successful and defeat the Coronavirus.

She explained that the vaccine test the new thing about humans will start after about two weeks, indicating that they worked throughout the past period, 7 days a week, to develop the vaccine quickly.

She added” I think there is a great chance for the vaccine to succeed,” she said, noting that she based this conclusion on “other things her team did with this type of vaccine.”.

And she said ” It is not just intuition, with each passing week we have more data to examine. I think 80 percent think the vaccine will work. This is my personal view.”.

“Vaccine development by the fall is possible if things go well,” she added, but she warned that “no one can promise that things will go this way,” according to the Times newspaper.”

It is reported that UK closure orders because the human contact is low, the vaccine is more difficult to test, so researchers will have to conduct experiments elsewhere where the rate of human contact is greater, to get a faster result.

Despite optimistic statements from Gilbert, other medical experts believe that it may take up to a year before there is a vaccine ready for use.

As of Saturday morning, 1,710,000 and 135 people have been infected with the ” Covid-19″ pandemic Around the world, 382,41 people have recovered from it, while 103,506 people have lost their lives because of it.

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