Tabu Says Her Entry In Bollywood Wasn’t A Cakewalk

Tabu has appeared in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam and Bengali films as well. The effortless acting and the variety of expressions that she showcases just adds to the charm of her acting.

But the stage she has achieved as of now, in her mid 40’s, has not been a cakewalk throughout.

Tabu, who started her acting career in the early 80’s, and has bagged a National Award for her acting as well, just wishes that the process of entering the movie industry could have been simpler. In an interview, she states, “Bollywood has been a tough journey for me. I wish it was not so hard. Films are just a part of it. There is more you are experiencing, your life is open to public, anybody can say anything about you; those are the things that affected me a lot.”


There is nothing wrong in saying that the Bollywood industry is still male dominated, just like many other professions in the country. Even if a female is able to reach a high position in this industry, her tenure is limited, and she is not even supported much by her counterpart. But nevertheless, gaining experience from this industry is the best thing Tabu did in her fair span here. She adds, “This world taught me a lot and influenced the way I became. The love, admiration and support I have received from so many people would not have been possible if I was not in this profession, that’s a great side to it.”

Tabu also gives a lot of credit to her mother for her success. She praises her mother by saying, “My mother has been my emotional anchor throughout. She has always made it very easy for me. Apart from her, it was my survival instinct that made me stay. I have put in a lot of hard work to shape my career. Probably I am just getting repaid for the contribution and energy I have put in my profession.”

Tabu also informs that the major reason as to why she has been able to reach such heights is because she always kept her doors open. She has been a big-time opportunist and always considered the offers that knocked her doors after she reached the stage where she had an option to reject the offers. The way she achieved such heights despite of all the difficulties in this field is just a matter of retrospection.

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