Oscars 2020 .. “unprecedented” change in menus

The Academy of Moving Arts and Sciences said that the menus presented during the Oscars this year will be almost entirely vegetarian.

In line with what was presented at the celebrities dinner tables during the 2020 Awards season..

The Academy added that the annual official lunch lists for the nominees in addition to the snacks served before the ceremony in Hollywood. On February 9th, it will be 100% dependent on plant sources.

As for the menu at the referees ’ceremony, which takes place immediately after the award ceremonies, it will depend 70% on vegetable sources, while the rest will include fish and meat in addition to vegetable foods..

The academy said in a statement, that all events and events will be free of water bottles or plastic cups , according to Reuters”.

The academy’s statement came after the presentation of fully vegan menus during dinner banquets held for candidates, producers and guests of the Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards this month..

Star Joaquin Phoenix , who starred in the Joker film “he’s a strictly vegan”, suggested the change to the official Golden Globe dinner after steak and fish were a staple and were replaced this year with rice and mushroom dishes.

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