New photos of Jupiter showing amazing thunderstorms

Astronomers have managed to capture high-resolution images of Jupiter using a technique known as “lucky photography,” the Guardian reported.

The images, monitored by the Jimny North Telescope in Hawaii, reveal storms and lightning strikes forming around the clouds surrounding the planet made of water and liquid ice.

The photos also show Jupiter’s atmosphere layers glowing from the gaps in the thick cloud cover in a phenomenon similar to a “jack lantern”, or pumpkin lantern.

Image of Jupiter as it appeared through the astronomical observatory
Image of Jupiter as it appeared through the astronomical observatory

“The data we were able to obtain was extremely important because it allowed us to study more deeply to pull Jupiter according to regular monotony, and we used a very powerful imaging technique called lucky imaging,” said Michael Wong, astronomer from the University of California, who led the research team.

This imaging process involves taking a large number of images of Jupiter through low exposure technology, especially if the Earth’s atmosphere stabilizes, and then only high-resolution images are selected, and the rest is disposed of.

This technology provides infrared images of Jupiter from Earth and convergence of those captured from the planet from space.

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