Molly Fitzgerald, the “Captain America” actress ​​is charged with stabbing her mother to death

Molly Fitzgerald, the actress who played the movie “Captain America: First Avenger,” faces charges of stabbing her mother to death in the Olathe area of ​​Kansas.

Fitzgerald, 38, was arrested on Tuesday for second-degree murder, and imprisoned on a half-million-dollar bail, and it is not known whether the accused actress appointed a lawyer to defend her.

The actress is accused of killing her 68-year-old mother, Patricia, whom authorities say she found dead in her home in Olat on December 20.

According to the “AMDB” website, Molly is a film director and producer and actress, and has worked on low-budget films, including “Legal Truth” in 2014 and “Krebs” in 2017.

Molly Fitzgerald as a  Strick Girl in the movie "Captain America" , Image Source: YouTube
Molly Fitzgerald as a Strick Girl in the movie “Captain America” , Image Source: YouTube

The accused actress played the role of Strick Girl in the movie “Captain America”, and worked as an assistant to director Joe Johnson in the movie, which earned $ 176 million from Erat in the United States only.

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