Millions in quarantine .. “Coronavirus” isolates part of Northern Italy

On Sunday, the Italian authorities began imposing a quarantine on millions of people in Northern Italy, in the latest steps to contain the emerging epidemic ” Coronavirus ” in the country..

Italy is now one of the main spots of ” Coronavirus” in the world except China , with 233 deaths and 5,823 infections, as of Saturday.

According to Agence France Presse, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a presidential decree, on Saturday night, under which a part of the North of the country would be quarantined..

Conte announced through his official account, “Twitter” the signing of this decree, which will impose severe restrictions on entry and exit to a large area in northern Italy.

The areas covered with stone are the entire Lombardy region, which includes the economic city of Milan, the Venetian region, the northern Emilia Romagna region and east Piedmont..

 More than 16 million people live in these areas, spread over 14 provinces.

The decree also announced the closure of museums, theaters, cinemas, and other recreational places throughout the country.

The Italian authorities had taken a series of measures to stop the “Coronavirus” outbreak, such as the closure of schools and universities and the organization of football league matches without an audience throughout the country.

At the beginning of the crisis, the schools and universities in the northern region most affected by the virus were closed, but these measures did not seem to work..

The government said it was taking more stringent measures to combat the Coronavirus, also known as “Covid 19“.

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