Horrific expectations .. A third of the population of Tehran will be infected by Coronavirus

An Iranian official expected, on Thursday, to worsen the crisis of the Coronavirus in the country, especially in the capital Tehran, to a large extent which even the opposition had not predicted, which shows the seriousness of the situation there.

Infectious disease specialist and member of the National Influenza Control Committee, Masoud Mardani, said in statements to the government newspaper “Iran” that he expected between 30-40 percent of Tehran’s population to be infected with the Coronavirus during the next two weeks.

This statement shows that the situation is extremely dire in Tehran, which is inhabited by more than 8 million people, more than official announcements.

Iran officially says that Coronavirus has killed 92 people and infected more than 2,900 others, thus becoming the main focus of the virus in the Middle East region..

But the Iranian opposition and even parliamentarians see the numbers as much higher, and accuse the mullahs‘ regime of hiding the real numbers of victims for political reasons.

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