Hackers target Netflix users with hundreds of fraudulent sites to steal their money

The BandShield company discovered a total of 639 registered “domain names” containing the word ” Netflix” since the beginning of 2020, the security company says, fraudsters are increasingly using the Netflix service to steal money from people during the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, more than 30% of the webpages targeting online phishing on behalf of Netflix were created last March, where millions of people resorted to broadcast services to ease the boredom of social isolation.

Fake websites are trying, including netflixgiftcard.siteAnd, tricking victims into entering their personal information, including payment details.

Cyber ​​Security Company says criminals are also trying to hack into account details for both existing and potential Netflix users through phishing emails and social media.

Yoav Kirin, CEO of Brandshield, said that governments must now do more to educate the public on how to protect themselves and their personal identity on the Internet.

“As the world enters a state of ban, cyber criminals take advantage of people who spend more time on the web, so consumers of broadcast websites are increasingly at risk of successful phishing attacks,” Kirin added.

He explained: “We have seen an explosion in” domain names” related to” Netflix” as criminals look to attract consumers and extract financial or personal records.

Fictitious websites are created for Netflix By criminals looking to steal money from viewers who hope to access Netflix content by entering their billing information.

The company has provided a list of some potentially dangerous webpages, some of which use the Netflix commercial tags

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