Hackers blackmailed Trump: pay the ransom or we will spread “dirty washing”

Electronic pirates recently threatened to publish what they described as “dirty washing” for US President Donald Trump, in the event that a ransom of 42 million dollars was not paid within just one week.

According to the “Sunday Times” newspaper, these hackers were able to hack data of a legal company that represents a large number of world famous people.

Last week, the hackers stole a huge amount of company data” Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks“; it is an institution that represents stars like Madonna, Rod Stewart and Elton John.

A hacker group known as “Revell” claims to have obtained data it has a capacity of 756 Giga, which includes contracts and agreements not to divulge secrets as well as phone numbers, e-mail and a number of correspondence.

The hackers tried to lend credence to their allegations, posting portions of decades of some stars like Lady Gaga and Christina Angelira.

The pirates call themselves with their” Malicious Program” which they use it to steal data, and the country they make a base for making these breakthroughs is not yet known, but some experts say they are constantly posted on Russian online forums.

The hackers doubled the value of the ransom after they were asking for $ 21 million, and they say they will discover what they have if they do not receive the amount from the company based in New York City.

In an Internet message, they stated that the current context is very encouraging, given the approaching American elections, and they addressed Trump that he must comply if he wants to remain President of the United States, or that he will forget this ambition forever.

The “New York Post” revealed that it was not yet clear why Trump was threatening, because the US President was never a customer of this company in New York City.

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