” Empty middle seat ” .. What will do with planes ticket prices?

The International Air Transport Association “IATA” has warned that the applying of “social divergence.” on planes” it will cause airline ticket prices to increase by 43 to 54 percent.

 ” IATA”  explained that the measures of social distance will essentially transform aviation economics, by reducing the maximum load factor to 62 percent, well below the industry-wide “load-breaking factor” average of 77 percent.

In short, as reported by the Daily Mail, and with fewer seats available for sale on board aircraft, unit costs will rise sharply.

In this context, the International Air Transport Association said It does not support the measures of social distance that leave the “middle seat” empty.

Instead, it supports “wearing face masks” for passengers and crew while on board, as an essential part of a multi-level approach to biosecurity, it is implemented temporarily when people return to air travel.”

” IATA” added in a statement that additional measures could include checking passenger temperature as well as Airport workers and travelers, adjusting the steps of boarding and landing operations to reduce aircraft contact with other passengers or crew, as well as reduce movement in the cabin during the flight, cleaning the cabin more frequently and deeply, and simplified catering procedures, reduce crew movement and interact with passengers.

The statement added: “When proven widely available, the Covid-19 passport test, or immunity passports, can also be included as interim measures of biosecurity”.

The International Air Transport Association explained that the risk of transmission of the virus on board “low”, even without special measures.

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