Coronavirus deaths hits Iran … Tehran may receive “Wuhan” treatment

Iranian Ministry of Health officially announced on Sunday that 8 people have died and 43 others have been infected with the new Coronavirus.

While officials are considering imposing a quarantine on the capital, Tehran, if the number of infected people increases.

Tehran mayor Mohsen Hashemi said: “At the moment, the issue of quarantine is not on the table In Tehran, but this should be inquired by the Ministry of Health”.

He added: “If the number of people infected with Coronavirus increases , we will do so (applying the quarantine),” according to the Iranian Faris Agency.

Imposing a quarantine on the city of Tehran, means isolating it from its surroundings to contain the spread of the virus, similar to what happened in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the stronghold of the spread of Corona.

The local authorities had closed all universities and higher education institutions in 9 provinces in northern and central Iran, in addition to schools in Tehran and a number of provinces, for two days.

Fariss News Agency reported that the number of cases of Cornavirus in Iran It reached 285 people.

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