Tips for Successful Remodeling

Are you about to undertake a major remodeling project on your home? Many times, families elect to remodel their homes to redefine spaces or add additional square footage in lieu of moving. Before undertaking such a huge project, make sure you are not over improving our home for the neighborhood. Keep resale value in mind if you are expecting a return on your remodeling investment down the road.

Interview several contractors before making a final decision. Have each of the contractors present a bid on drawings you have received from your draftsman or architect. These plans should be approved by your municipality prior to submitting them for bids. Have a general idea of the finishing materials you would like included in the bid. For major remodels, such as room additions or kitchen remodels, it’s often difficult for families, especially those with small children, to remain in the residence during the construction. If the budget permits, plan on taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and booking a room in one of the stunning properties owned by RIU Hotels & Resorts. It will be a welcome relief from the dust, noise and makeshift kitchen facilities during the remodeling process.

Insist on a definitive timeline from your contractor. Ensure any custom cabinetry or built-ins have been ordered, received and dry-fitted prior to the onset of demolition. Factory and craftsmen delays, as well as mistakes, are the number one reason major home remodeling projects can drag on for weeks or even months. You’ll be glad you insisted on this at the start of the project.  Have confidence in the contactor you’ve selected, but be available for on the spot decisions as they arise in order to keep the project on target.

While the construction process can cause a tremendous amount of stress for families, the end result is a new space that you can enjoy with friends and families for years to come good luck making new memories in your newly remodeled space!