How Slab Leaks Can Lead to the Destruction of your Fort Worth House

When water starts to seep through the concrete slabs in your home, plumbers will refer to the problem as a slab leak. The water leakage through the slabs occurs in the pipes underneath the house. Since you rely on the underground pipes to transfer water into your house or the waste water away from your building, you must consider slab leaks as a significant issue.

The Dangers of Slab Leaks in Your Fort Worth Home

Leaving slab leaks unattended to can damage the foundation of your premises. The cracks in the underground pipes often result in a big water damage issue. To avoid any structural damage to your premises, you should try to find the source of the leakage quickly.

The leaky pipes under the building are difficult to detect, but the following five symptoms may indicate cracks in the piping system below the ground:

• Water bills that increase all over sudden.
• Hot spots on your floor.
• The sound of running water even if no one is using water in the house.
• Some cracks on the walls and floor.
• A lot of moisture or mildew under your carpet.

How a Slab Leak Occurs

The seepage of water from the underground piping network will happen because of improper pipe installation. Sometimes, poor pipe fittings, ground shifts, weather changes, or the chemical reactions in the soil around the piping may lead to cracking. Friction and the rusting of copper, galvanized, or cast-iron pipes can cause holes to appear in your water network. Electrolysis, which is the reaction between two metal pipe types, causes leaks too.

Plumbing Professionals in Fort Worth Can Help

The repair of the faulty plumbing system does not require you to break the concrete slabs or the foundation of the residential building. To fix the cracked pipes, hire a skilled Fort Worth slab leak plumber. The technician will use special faulty piping detection equipment to locate the source of the unwanted water flow. Using trenchless pipe repair technology, the plumber will replace the leaking piping section or re-pipe the whole water system. Your plumber may recommend an in-place-epoxy coating to seal the holes in the damaged pipes without excavating the area surrounding the slab concrete, house floor or yard.

Nowadays, a technician who uses the trenchless plumbing technology does not dig the ground under which leaky pipes lie. Nor do the plumbers demolish walls when locating the faulty pipes. Instead, professional plumbers will use special tools, such as an electromagnetic pipeline locator and the electronic amplification machine. Nu Flow CIPP trenchless pipe repair techniques are also efficient during the slab leak diagnosis. Hydrostatic pressure diagnosis and video camera pipe inspection will locate the underground plumbing issues.

The slab leaks underneath pose a danger to the structural integrity of your Fort Worth, TX, residential or commercial premises. Property owners may face challenges trying to find out the problems under the hard floors. The best course of action is to consult a professional plumber to perform a leak detection exercise.